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June 2007 Archive

Thursday 28th June 2007

2004 Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe
Chateauneuf du Pape
It is simply too early to be drinking the 04 CdPs, but I wanted to see how good the Vieux Telegraphe would be after having the 04 Senechaux. After popping, very tight on the nose with notes of steaming bitumen road after a heavy downpour. Stingy in the mouth with strong liquorice finish. But after a serious decant, it's opened up to reveal a grenache-esque nose, with light lingering aromas. Smooth into the mouth but tannins are clear and present. Crisp cherry notes and a slightly white pepperish finish that goes for a good length and leaves a warm feeling in your tummy. Revisit in 5+years. Lots of potential. 92/100

  2004 Schubert Estate Goose-yard Block, Barossa Valley
A touch under the usual alcohol level at 14.0%, who cares really?! Seductive acacia /white summer flower with blackberry and hint of new leather. Clean flowing with light tannins lingering. Good drink. 92/100

Saturday 23rd June 2007
Some Brini samples arrived at Cloudwine. From McLaren Vale, the 04 shiraz grenache offered little to no hints of grenache. One wonders what the final blend of grenache was. If I hadn't seen the label, I would've bet that this was a full shiraz. It was quite sullen, good fruit. Perhaps the day was too cold, but after warming the glass up a little, there was a tiny tiny bit of grenache aromas coming out. The price on this one isn't known yet, but the 02 was $10 and if this remains at $10, this would be the first $10 bottle that I might actually buy to quaf! Their premium 04 Sebastian shiraz (03 for $24) is big and tannic, quite ok for the price.

2004 Domaine Senechaux Chateauneuf du Pape
Initially, sweet wakame seaweed broth, then light hints of kirsh liquor and dark fruit. Refreshing taste, smooth flowing. Lively flavours of fruit cake, raspberry concentrate, peppery. Great aftertaste! Young and vibrant, good drink. 92-93/100

Picked this up with a couple of Pegaus and Vieux Telegraphes. Was adviced that the shipment of Beaucastels were too inconsistent. Anyone can find 03 Clos St Jeans?

Saturday 16th June 2007
Clonakilla 2006 tasting @ PWS
Viognier 2006:
($42.50-50) Boxed up aromatics with a sharp punch of citrus flavours. Not the most subtle of viogniers. 85-87/100
Hilltops Shiraz 2006:
($25-30) Berry notes with hints of fresh mint, youthful medium-bodied feel in the mouth with good fruit structure. Very good value for money! 91-92/100
Shiraz Viognier 2006: ($70-75) Poured from 750ml bottles, surprised to see this format as only magnums were offered in the latest mailer. Dampened down aromas of viognier, flows into the mouth beautifully, with silky tannins and a touch of french oak. I thought it could be more forward and perfumed from my own personal experience from other shiraz viogniers, in particular if compared to the 05 version. 91-93/100

2005 Kalleske Greenock Shiraz, Barossa Valley
$39 from Cloudwine, a winning whooper of 15.5% having stewed through 18 months of American and French oak hogsheads. Dark inky, purple colour. Note of sweet blackberry liqueur, creme de cassis and slight funk of meat, almost like fridge cold pork. Intense concentration of pure juice. Smooth and silky, slight touch of tannins on the tongue; ready to be drunk right now but would surely benefit from extended cellaring. One picky flaw I feel about this is that it doesn't last too long in the glass, even with the higher alcohol content, so my take on this is that it doesn't have a strong structure to back up the oomph flavours.  93/100

Monday 11th June 2007

2005 Amon Ra by Ben Glaetzer, Barossa Valley
$78 from Cloudwine, this is a revisit after tasting it not long after bottling at PWS last year. At that time, I felt this was better than the 2004 due to a shift from 100% American oaked to some use of new French oak. The wine has apparently settled down, and is more balanced in terms of aromatics and flavours. While previously you'd have to search past wafts of alcohol, I got no hint of the 14.5% that's held within. Instead, it's creme de cassis, mingled with hints of dark, ripe raspberry and smell of freshly chopped soft wood on a cold morning (a most appealing nose bringing me back to my logging days no doubt!). Silky and elegant, it's got a long way to go due to some residual tannins, but is current vibrant and accessible. Fresh and fruity, there's no overbearing heat. Instead, it's sufficient to make you smile and enjoy. A+ effort! 98/100

Sunday 3rd June 2007
Good Food & Wine Show at the Melbourne Exhibition Hall. Couldn't get a place at the Celebrity Cooking sessions for Ainsley Harriot, so settled for Tobie Puttock (of Jamie-Oliver association and 15 Melbourne fame) instead. Overall quite disappointing, with beef carpaccio and a seafood stew showcased. Beef carpaccio was very straight-forward, nothing eye-opening.. and the stew, well, there was no stock involved, so that was different, but again, just stacking different kinds of seafood and keeping in mind the timing of the cooking was all that was needed. Tobie is a good cook and I'm sure is a great guy, but certainly and quite unfairly in comparison to Jamie Oliver, he's no media person. Bought a Swiss-Diamond Roasting tray for $150, that's $100 off regular retail. There was a Strait Vodka stall, they're an Australia vodka company producing flavour infused vodkas using Tasmanian spring water. I tried the lemon-, pepperberry- and straight- vodkas.. mehh.. vodka isn't my thing.

Wine-wise, nicked a 6-pack of glasses to make the effort worth the while.
Tyrrell's Wines (Hunter Valley, NSW)
2000 Vat 1 Semillion: Nose of aged lemon. Flavour of citrus and lemon rind. Lingering aftertaste. 90/100
2004 Vat 47 Chardonnay: Weak nose, slight (.... notes got scrubbed off the pamphlet, sorry). light acidity, light berry?
Majella Wines (Coonawarra, SA)
2006 The Musician CabSauv-Shiraz blend: Green, herby eucalypt notes of the cab sauv is very prominent. Hints of dry tannins, subdued finish. 88/100
2004 shiraz: Nice prune notes but weak, savoury flavour. 88/100
Seppelt (Victoria)
2003 Salinger Sparkling: blend of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier, notes of white pepper and light chicken broth? flavour-wise weak, lacks aftertaste.
2005 Victorian Chardonnay: Tastes of house white.
2006 Jaluka Chadonnay: hint of butter? pear flavours, mixed with white peach. Aftertaste a bit weak.
2004 Victorian Shiraz: yeaa.... ermm.. ok
2005 Chalambar Shiraz: keep hearing about this on the auswine forum, and redbigot is a fan too I recall.. but oaky and earthy notes, too young and tannic for my liking.
Gibson BarossaVale Wines had a stall but they were otherwise too pre-occupied with an old couple who were buying 2 cases.. how many people do you need to tend to a customer, really? Walked off with a pricelist, no loss since their Old Vine colelction weren't on tasting. Prices for those interested: 2003 Merlot $21, 2004 Reserve Merlot $32, 2005 Wilfreda Blend $24.50, 2004 Isabelle Blend $24.50, 2004 Old Vine McLaren Vale Grenache $68, 2004 Old Vine Barossa Shiraz $96.


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